This is incredible! Can you deliver for Rambo V in two weeks?!
— Jonathan Yunger, Executive Producer

  • Violette is a 100% safe alternative to real firearms in film and entertainment

  • Violette is a patent pending technology, allowing storytellers to safely and easily use firearms

  • Violette is an electronically controlled device, bringing all shots in-camera

  • Violette uses a mixture of safe gasses to reproduce an authentic looking muzzle flash

  • Violette is built from the original drawings under exclusive license from the original manufacturers

  • Violette does not require permits or licenses

  • Violette has a safety distance of less then a foot

  • Violette comes in a variety of models, including AK47, M4, M16, Steyr Aug, MP5 and EVO Scorpion

  • Violette uses disposable gas cylinders, instead of blanks